Marketing strategies

On the right path and with clear steps to the goal.

The marketing strategy and marketing plan are the key to achieving business objectives and are based on detailed research and clear information.

We will work with you to answer strategic questions: which segment you will focus on, who your primary and secondary target groups are, which sales channels you will concentrate your efforts on, what your optimal product portfolio is and how you will position your brand in the target market.

Based on the marketing strategy, we will derive a short-term marketing plan that details the way and the path to achieving strategic export objectives. We will take into account the timeline and resources needed, and anticipate our ability to adapt to the market changes.

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Looking for a business opportunity in foreign markets?

Contact us and together we will map out the steps to your export success.

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Marketing strategy and sales expert
Marketing strategy and sales expert and lecturer at the School of Engineering and Business, University of Nova Gorica

Knowledge and experience that inspires and motivates

Mateja is a marketer by profession and at heart. She is communicative, smiling and intuitive. She knows how to listen, empathise and cooperate loyally. She is distinguished by her knowledge, precision and practical approach, which is why more than 500 domestic and international clients have trusted her to date. Her primary guiding principle is customer satisfaction. Mateja is a consultant and lecturer who inspires and motivates...


»Expansion to foreign markets is not just a business opportunity, it is a development necessity and an investment in the long-term survival and success of your business«.


Director Mateja Milost

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